MOJO closed pod system review: Convenient, not much cloud, but great flavors

By Sean Hoade

You’ve probably all heard of the MOJO self-contained nic salt pod system, right? The little devices that feel like a cig in your hand? (They even have a little light on the end, which some people don’t like, but I do.) They’re everywhere.

If you happen not to be familiar with them, take a look at what vaping guru Jai Haze has to say in “Flavor Testing with Brie.” (btw, Jai likes them, but Brie loves them and basically jumps up and down every time she tries one. Look at the smile on her face!)

Sean Hoade
The author wishes he could make a woman as excited as the MOJO makes Brie back there.

So great flavors, but not the biggest cloud in the world. As Jai says, however, that’s not really the point of the MOJO pod. You want something that feels like a cigarette–maybe to help you quit smoking or maybe just because you like the feel in your hand–and never has to be refilled or recharged. In that case, the MOJO is for you.

When you try one, you’ll see: what a hit of nicotine, whoa. Smokers trying to quit or peeps who just love them some nic salts must be the target market for this thing. I just vaped the whole thing and BOY, AM I NOW AWAKE.

Besides the convenience, the flavor descriptions alone make me want to get every one of these! Check them out below and at They sent me an Ice Pineapple to try out, and the flavor is great. I’ll update as I try more of them. Let us know what you think in the comments!

COOL MELON: A palate-pleasing combination of cool menthol and fresh fruit.

MENTHOL: A refreshing infusion of mint that starts cool and finishes even cooler.

STRAWBERRY: Fresh and sweet, with a fruity finish that satisfies.

CUBANO: Savory tobacco flavor with a touch of Caribbean spice.

TOBACCO: A bold Turkish blend to rival any full-flavored cigarette.

ICE PINEAPPLE: Menthol freshness with a citrus kick.

GRAPE: Sweetness just picked off the vine.

STRAWMELON: Two fresh flavors, one smooth experience.

RASPBERRY: A tart bite that mellows into sweet mellowness.

GREEN APPLE: Crisp sweetness meets pleasing tartness.

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