Most amazing vape tricks, Part 3

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by Sean Hoade

Welcome to the third installment of Most Amazing Vape Tricks! You and/or your friends and/or family and/or acquaintances probably vape, and people don’t tend to vape just a little when they discover the pleasure of all those tasty nicotine-rich clouds. They vape a lot, maybe even pretty much continuously.

Which is awesome. But being able to do tricks to keep others (and probably yourself) amused through all that vaping adds a lot of value and fun to your experience. So let’s get into some more tricks to amuse and astound!

The Waterfall

Yes, TLC warned us not to go chasing waterfalls. But the vape Waterfall trick is an exception; you should definitely go chasing it because it’s super-cool. And what more could you ask of your vape-trick repertoire?

There are a couple of variations, including bending down to make your mouth even with some flat surface like a tabletop, but if you can get yourself a plastic water bottle and freeze some water on the bottom to make a little ice reservoir, then you can do the Waterfall without looking like maybe you’re having gastrointestinal distress.

All you do is get a huge mouth- and/or lungful of cloud and then exhale it into the water bottle. Put your hand over the top for a second to keep the vapor from seeping out, then just pour it onto the table from a couple of inches above it. It creates something that looks like a cross between a waterfall and the frickin’ English moors. Check it out, from disturbingly hollow-cheeked vape trickster Evic Duman Şelalesi:

Sean Hoade
Spill or thrill? It’s both!

The Tornado

Once you have the Waterfall down (which should take about 14 seconds, the hardest part being waiting for the water in the bottle to freeze), you can take it to the next level with the Tornado. This trick so cool it probably could freeze water in the bottom of a plastic bottle.

What you do with the tornado is lay down that thick fog of vapor into the flat surface, using either the bottle trick above or by bending down to the table level and gently pouring that smoke out of your mouth so it wafts across the flat surface. You can also use a cardboard paper towel tube (as shown in the video below) to get that even table cloud without having to bend over like a cadet being punished at military school.

Zach from VapeDynamiksTV shows you how to do it here. The video is over three minutes long, but he doesn’t start with the actual trickery until just after the two-minute mark:

This gives new meaning to “YouTube.”

Stay tuned for nicsaltify’s next episode of Most Amazing Vape Tricks!

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