Most amazing vape tricks, Part 4

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by Sean Hoade

Oh, vape tricks, alongside nicotine and flavor the raison d’etre of hittin’ dat mod or pod. To better serve our beloved vapers, we now bring you the fourth installment of the most amazing vape tricks in the history of the universe.

The French Inhale

Remember the Ghost Inhale in Part 1? Well, if you can perform the Ghost Inhale and possess a working nose, then you can do the French Inhale. It’s just a cool little move that isn’t really a trick but instead something you do to look cool with your vape and get all the flavor possible out of your juice. (I guess “something you do to look cool with your vape” is kind of the definition of “vape trick,” but it is nonetheless pretty accurate.)

You do the French Inhale by taking a nice mouthful of vapor and letting it drift out of your mouth in as thick and big a cloud as you can produce. (That’s the Ghost Inhale, not the hardest trick in the book.) Then you just inhale through your nose and it gets sucked up in a kind of “reverse waterfall.” It’s extremely cool-looking and makes you look sophisticated, like a Frenchman explaining Existentialism to a slim lady in a little black dress who probably calls her boyfriends “lovers” and doesn’t shave her armpits. Ooh la la!

Here’s an instructional video from the most chill VapeChilla:

Sean Hoade
Quelle performance intéressante!

The Bow-Tie Split

This is another trick that harkens back to an earlier vape stunt (or “vunt”) we talked about, this time Blowing O’s in Part 2. As easy as the French Inhale is, the Bow-Tie Split is that challenging. This is one that takes a good amount of practice—a minute to learn and a lifetime to master, just like Othello, but boy, does it pay off in wow factor. Check out the absolutely sick Brandon Gullaba of VGod as he shows you how it’s done:

No jacket is required for this trick.

Tune in next time for more of the most amazing vape tricks!

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