Most amazing vape tricks, Part 2

by Sean Hoade

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Blowing O’s

Today is all about the O’s. Rings, donuts, bagels, tires, hula hoops — we see them everywhere, but nowhere are they as popular and adored as in vaping. Blowing circles of scentful vapor for others or just hanging out by yourself is one of the core tricks in any vape lover’s repertoire.

Take a look at this vid of ring-blowing INSANITY:

Sean Hoade
Yeah, that just happened.

Don’t you want to do those kinds of mind-blowing tricks? Of course you do, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this on nicsaltify. So here’s how you do it. (Full disclosure: I am terrible at blowing rings, because I am a spaz and also I don’t practice it enough. But don’t let my lack of commitment affect your learning this cool trick.)

First, take yourself one deep drag on your vape, like deep. (Not so much that you cough and choke, as that’s not conducive to blowing rings, obviously.) Keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth, as this will be used to launch your O’s, and kinda bunch it at the back of your throat. (It’s hard to describe this, but trial-and-error will show you the way.)

The next step is something I hope you can handle: shape your mouth into an “O.” (Note: This is different from your “O face.”) Now use the bunched-up tongue to “pulse” by moving forward and then back in position.

It sounds both easier and harder than it actually is. It’s not as straightforward as the Ghost Inhale or Dragon, but it’s a definite need for your vape trick collection. Here’s a video from THATVAPECLOUD showing you how to do this thing, which is probably the best way to learn it:

Sean Hoade
And such a good look, too.

In our next installment, we’ll talk about rapid-fire “spamming” O’s and possibly even the immortal Jellyfish trick. See you then!

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